Dr Chen Zheng (Associate Professor of Real Estate Finance) recently published research on Network Capital and Urban Development: An Inter-Urban Capital Flow Network Analysis". This interlinks financial and urban landscapes through investigating the spatial implications of M&A transactions on reshaping urban economic patterns. The paper was co-authored with Prof. Siu Kei Wong and Dr Shuai Shi, both from the University of Hong Kong. 

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Figure - Spatial distribution and subgroup clustering of Chinaโ€™s inter-city capital flow network 

Additionally, Dr Vaidehi Tandel was awarded the Emergent Ventures grant for research on urbanisation in India. Her research focusses on understanding the challenges and potential of India's urban transformation and the grant will support further investigation into the political economy of urbanisation in the country. 

From the announcement EV India will provide grants and micro grants to jump-start high-reward ideas that advance prosperity, opportunity, liberty, and the well-being of Indians. We encourage unorthodox ideas and also requests that are too small to attract interest from the traditional models of funding and philanthropy.

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