Leading by example: Alumni Mentoring

The research is clear, people with mentors perform better, advance in their careers faster, and even experience greater work-life satisfaction. But what happens when you take a tried and tested system and offer industry professionals as mentors to current students?

We launched our inaugural mentoring programme for every student at the beginning of this academic year. Having reached out to the alumni community, we were met with a flood of offers, so much that Henley now has over 400 mentoring partnerships. With mentors from 47 countries, and representing graduates from a host of courses; from undergraduate to MBA, this flexible, diverse and inspiring group of volunteers have made an enormous impact already.

You gave me the most amazing mentor! Just had an intro chat, he told me how to handle a call for my individual project, see it from different perspectives, priorities. He is so professional, international, looking forward, brings a great business mentality, positive and helpful. Truly great!
MSc Management student, 2021

Already, all Real Estate & Planning students have access to an industry mentor thanks to the work of the Reading Real Estate Foundation (RREF). Because of the great success of this model, we are keen to replicate this across a greater range of programmes. Currently, students from undergraduate and postgraduate (pre-experience and post-experience) courses, and those studying for their MBA can apply to be matched with a mentor.

The process of pairing a student with a volunteer mentor is done on an individual basis, rather than using software, to ensure that the partnership is beneficial for both parties.

We are looking forward to growing this offering by recruiting more mentors as we look ahead to 2021/22. By giving up their precious time, our mentors are shaping the futures of the next generation of business professionals, and are thoroughly enjoying the process.

Just to let you know I have now met both my Mentees and I must say I am blown away. They are both really interesting guys and I hope I can add value to both of them.
Mentor, 2021

If you would like to get involved with our mentoring programme, please contact us. We will begin the process of matching mentors & mentees in December, but it is good to know interest early on.

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