Do you remember when La La Land was wrongly announced as the winner of Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars? Ben Laker does. It was an example of hubris, but for the full story of why Ben may be intimately acquainted with that envelope mix up you’ll have to watch the recording from our latest leadership webinar.

On 17 June we heard from Professor Ben Laker for our ‘Too Proud to Lead’ webinar named after his newest publication with Bloomsbury. While confidence is a vital attribute for any successful business leader, it is often taken too far. Leaders fall into the pitfalls of hubris and, like Icarus, find themselves flying too close to the sun.

In this interactive webinar Ben laid out the dangers of arrogant overconfidence for both individuals and organizations, sharing findings from his examination of the economic and psychological costs of this destructive behaviour, and boldly argued for a new, revolutionary approach to leadership.

The webinar was punctuated with award-winning research and practical solutions from Too Proud to Lead by Ben Laker, David Cobb and Rita Trehan. A fascinating investigation into how leaders’ confidence can transform into hubris, which has the devastating potential to lead not only to their own downfall, but also to the collapse of entire organisations.

According to their research there are four main sources of hubris; repeated successes, hyper-confidence, uncritical acceptance of accolades and exemption from the rules. What then can you do to counteract these sources? Too Proud to lead lays out five keys steps. If you’re a Henley Live member then you can see them on the event slide deck here.

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