Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - must include everyone!
By Ole Petter Anfinsen

For as long as we can remember people have been treated unfairly and excluded from parts of society, due to differences in gender, race, LGBTQ+, identity, beliefs, disability and more. Equality, diversity and inclusion are the words on everyone’s lips these days, also known as EDI, and something organisations are starting to address - but still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, some organisations are pioneers and at the forefront of this important work – even though almost everyone is forgetting, in fact – “everyone”. Even though they are in the belief of being inclusive – they are, in fact, excluding. I have for some time now been observing organisations as they have been developing their EDI strategies, and what baffles me is that they tend to focus on merely one group – not everyone. It is most often gender and race that are at the forefront, and even though they say they are including everyone their actions are saying otherwise. And then once a year – Pride, which seems more like a commercial undertaking to many organisations, where there are few or no actions behind their words and postings. This is also what one could refer to as Performative Allyship. E.g., posting on social media without any activities or actions being taken to support the flagged cause.

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