Henley Africa named the best MBA business school in South Africa

Henley Africa Wins The Best MBA Business School As Voted By Corporate South Africa For The 4th Year

Henley Business School Africa is the highest ranked business school campus in Africa in the inaugural Open Syllabus/ Financial Times survey on Teaching Power announced at the end of May. There are about 13000 business schools worldwide and Henley was ranked 17th globally in this survey.  A total of 595000 courses were assessed.  

Teaching power is a brand-new metric that gauges the influence of business schools on others through the extent to which work done by professors and their business schools appears in course descriptions and reading lists of academic programmes, rather than the traditional measurement of researchers being cited in academic papers. It illuminates which business schools are the most influential in a highly contested global education space.

Henley Africa dean and director Jon Foster-Pedley described the new metric as a potential game-changer for academia: “As Open Syllabus says, this survey can help revalue teaching by refocusing on the importance of good teaching by gauging its impact. Great teaching really matters in business schools. 

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