Series - Engaging leadership for a new post-covid world

Four: "Making the Right Leadership Choices"

Ray Atkinson – Henley MBA alumnus & Henley Alumni & Development Board member

You, the leader, are the single biggest influence on how engaged your team is.
Ray Atkinson

The most significant Role Model for team members is their Line Manager. They are the main agents of change in achieving future organisational objectives. At Wadenhoe we have just completed some detailed research into the Leadership Choices that really make the difference.

Our Top Eight Big Impact Leadership Choices


- Confidence or Fear: What messages do we send with our words and actions? Do they build confidence and develop self-esteem, or are team members fearful of stepping out of line and getting things wrong?

- Speak Up or Shut Up: How often do we raise an issue or concern but don’t follow through? Are we seen by team members as a “champion” for change or a leader that avoids conflict at all costs?


- Interruption or Opportunity: Most of us start with a clean plan for the day; week or month. How prepared are we for unexpected conversations with team members that can turn into opportunities for engagement; relationship-building; coaching and development?

- Hear or Listen: Our working day is full of business performance challenges and we hear these loud and clear. Amongst all this “noise” are we making a priority of listening out for the good news and is this reflected in recognition of team members’ performance?


- Cynicism or Action: Sometimes as leaders we say the right things in public, but through our informal conversations send an entirely different signal. Cynicism protects us from action and it will have the same effect on our team.

- Thermometer or Thermostat: The difference between the two is very significant. A thermometer takes a reading of the environment as it is – a thermostat can change the environment. Are we seen as leaders that go along with negative behaviour, or are we “encouragers” that generate positive conversations?


- Road Map or Tour Guide: However well understood organisational processes are, they only provide a road map. Your team members need a tour guide who can provide advice; support; empowerment to help on their journey.

- Relationships or Rules: Are we placing more emphasis on procedures, processes and rules? Taking a “tick box” approach to all that we do rather than focusing on the quality of our conversations with team members?

For more information about the 20 leadership choices we have identified, or to get involved in more leadership of change discussion around this topic, please email  Mob: 07899796993

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