Series - Engaging leadership for a new post-covid world

Three: "Simplifying Engagement Conversations"

Ray Atkinson – Henley MBA alumnus & Henley Alumni & Development Board member

"Engagement conversations need to create ENERGY not objectives. Are your conversations a switch on or a switch off?
Ray Atkinson


One of our reasons for starting to focus on Engagement several years ago, was the number of requests from organisations for help with Performance Management. Yet we knew from our experience that most “performance” issues were rooted in factors like: Unclear expectations; absence of standards; lack of feedback; lack of motivation to perform; task interference and skill & knowledge gaps.

So we set out to clarify the difference between a Performance Management conversation and an Engagement conversation. Trawling through 100’s of PDR frameworks it quickly became clear that complicated competencies and behaviour descriptions were often at the heart of the problem. Clustering and analysing this information enabled us to create a selection of eight conversation “starters” around these four themes:

Key Engagement Themes

The quality of these conversations is the key to creating an environment where everyone is fully engaged. Line Managers in a leadership role are the change agents to make this happen.

If you would like a copy of our eight conversation "starters" for each theme, or to get involved in more leadership of change discussion around this topic, please email  Mob: 07899796993

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