Focus - the key to happiness
By Ole Petter Anfinsen

This past year has been detrimental for all of us, for some more than others, and we have all experienced this pandemic and lockdowns in different ways – from different perspectives. We all know that it has taken lives, it has been the financial ruin for many, and we are all struggling with the loss of what used to be. In a way we are all in mourning, constantly faced with the “picture” of our loss – painted across the media. We cannot escape and every conversation has a level of COVID-19 in it.

Nevertheless, no matter what the challenge or situation, we get to a point where we have to make a choice – to focus on what we actually can do instead of everything we can´t do. Reviewing this past year, we have constantly been faced with restrictions and what we cannot do anymore, and our focus has much been drawn to all the negatives. Hence, focus is key here. If we would focus on what we actually can do instead of the opposite, it will do wonders for our wellbeing.

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