Sleep - a necessity for all!
By Ole Petter Anfinsen

Sleep is something that is underestimated by a lot of people, and many of us go around thinking that we need less sleep than we actually do. Over time this can lead to exhaustion, irritation and lack of focus – adding to the vicious cycle of burnout. I know for a fact that if I'm not getting enough sleep myself I feel drained, less energetic and there is a great chance that I will make less informed decisions – due to lack of focus.

Hence, sleep is of the upmost importance and it is our body´s way to recharge. Think of it like a car…if you leave the lights on overnight it is likely that the car won´t start the next morning. The battery is dead! The same thing goes for your body – as if it does not get time to rest – it will have nothing to give. Our body is a finely tuned machinery and it needs care and attention in order to function properly – so we as human beings can perform needed tasks and reach our desired goals – in the way we want. 

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