Why Leaders Need to be More Compassionate and Benevolent

Mar 17, 2021

Why Leaders Need to be More Compassionate and Benevolent
By Professor Ben Laker

Organizations worldwide are shifting their cultures because the pandemic has accelerated and amplified trends already present, such as a need for purpose-driven leadership and an increasingly meaningful connection with consumers, which is, according to Deloitte, noticeable with younger generations. 

Given their proximity to Gen-Z, Universities, particularly those who promote an ethos of service, cater toward this growing desire for less material perspectives. Andrew Godley, Director of Henley Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, is an expert on this matter, and is convinced that developing strong communities is vital. “Business schools that can articulate their values and build their learner communities around these values will thrive as they tap into the willingness among the young to commit to strong and purposeful cultures.” 

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