Culture of Health - Part 2
A new imperative for business
By Ole Petter Anfinsen

As discussed in Culture of Health - Part 1, we see that investing in health provides a return on investment (ROI) and that e.g. the share price of companies who focus on health as a part of their corporate strategy exceeds the overall S&P. Hence, focusing on health might create the competitive advantage needed in this increasingly pressured market, and investing in creating a culture of health would be a smart move. To give you a better understanding of a culture of health I will introduce you to an organising concept of four fundamental pillars (Figure 1 - John Quelch´s Four Pillars Framework):“consumer health, employee health, community health and environmental health” (Quelch, 2018).

Every pillar represents its own aspect of health and influence, describing ways businesses are involved and concerned with health (Quelch, 2018), not siloed but overlapping.

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