Reimagining the office

Chris Kane (MBA, 2000) has published his first book - Where is my office? From the author:

”What’s the purpose of the office?” that is a question I’ve been asking many people in recent years – not ever imagining that the future of offices would be the most hotly debated topic in 2020. Current circumstances have certainly thrown a massive spotlight on the unexciting world of office work, so much so that the mainstream press now regularly feature pieces on the ‘death of the office’. It might make for sensational headlines but I don’t believe that the office is dead or dying, just that it’s not going back to normal.

Regardless of your point of view, the challenges imposed on us by the pandemic force us to consider options and scenarios which are unprecedented, complex and pose real dilemmas in the ways we live and work.  We are all facing widescale personal fear of the unknown, existential threats to business survival and even greater levels of uncertainty all at the same time globally.

In his own words, Chris let us know the rationale for writing the book: 

  • I want to help business leaders understand how to make better use of offices
  • I want to share all the insights and learning I gained from help;ing the BBC shift from analogue to digital
  • I wanted to start a real debate about making better use of the office to one that is more sustainable and focussed on the human aspects, not just the building

Watch an exerpt from an interview Chris had with Pilita Clarke (FT Associate Editor & Weekly Columnist) as he answers "Why go to the office to send emails?" 



Download the formal press release here


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