Digitization as tool for economic recovery and sustainable development

Oct 15, 2020

Digitization as tool for economic recovery and sustainable development


Daniela Stratulativ (2016) has been invited to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development as panelist to the Expert Meeting in Trade, Services and Development in September to provide her insights and recommendations on the appropriate regulatory and institutional frameworks that can help developing countries and LDCs maximize the benefits of ICT-enabled services trade and to provide her views on the role of international cooperation in promoting inclusive digitization and its positive impact upon services trade.

COVID-19 crises have affected a number of sectors in developing countries at an unprecedented level, posing additional challenges for policymakers and the private sector. Developing countries are facing challenges due to oil prices volatility and climate change, with commodity-dependent economies and Small Island Developing States being particularly vulnerable.

Daniela presented digitization as tool for economic recovery and sustainable development and policy recommendations she designed that developing countries are implementing. In addition, she highlighted best practices and digital strategies that lead to economic diversification and enable developing countries to diminish their vulnerability to economic shocks.

ICT-enabled services are embedded in goods and other services, therefore contribute to growth of other sectors, having an impact on the whole economy, leading to the creation of new services as well as an increase in the value of products.

Daniela Stratulativ is an alumna of the MSc. Business and Management Research – first phase of the Doctorate in Business Administration – with focus on International Trade and the recipient of the Chairman of Programme Examiners “Research Prizewinner” Award for outstanding achievement: excellent overall grade for the degree and excellent research proposal. Daniela is a recognized expert, speaker and senior adviser in trade policy, business strategy, and digitization to leaders in international organizations, governments, and maritime transport sector.

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