Drama Techniques at Work

Sep 24, 2020

Drama Techniques at Work

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In our four previous “Insights” articles, we have outlined how Dramatic Change™ provides a unique opportunity for teams to explore their team challenges in a safe environment.  In this article, we are not suggesting that effective team working is about putting on a performance, but removing barriers, whilst remaining authentic team members.  Here are five tried and trusted theatre techniques and how they connect with leadership coaching and neuroscience.

  • Knowing your Character involves learning the backstory and context.  What has gone on before?  What is to come?  What are your character’s emotions, thoughts and behaviours?  Leadership coaching translates this to understanding your “inner game”.  How do you perform in the real world?  The neuroscience focuses on how your life experiences drive the emotions which inform how you feel, think and act.
  • Knowing your Intention if you land the part and ensuring it fits with the director’s vision is essential. Without this understanding you won’t recognise the boundaries in which you can perform.  Effective leadership coaching is always solution or goal focussed to ensure objectives are achieved. 
  • Knowing your Role enables you to work seamlessly with other members of the cast.  Leadership coaching techniques provide guidance about responsibility, circle of control and necessity for flexibility. The neuroscience is about status, certainty and autonomy.
  • Knowing the Script thoroughly whilst comprehending its meaning and purpose.  Leadership coaching reminds us that understanding and aligning values and beliefs drives our performance.
  • Knowing there are no stars.  Some roles are larger than others.  An effective production is about 100% collaboration, trust and support. Leadership coaching focuses on recognition of individuals as part of a process and develops understanding of what good team performance looks like.

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In our final “Insight” to be published next month, we unite the whole Dramatic Change™ process. 

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