Leader Resilience: One of the keys to successful leadership!
By Ole Petter Anfinsen

Handling pressure, stress and workplace challenges while performing at a high level and maintaining a sense of balance is a continuous struggle, and to become a successful and sustainable executive the person in the role has to stay on course, while being torn in almost every direction – balancing multiple identities and lives (Roche & Haar, 2013). Especially in the new dawning working climate, emerging as a result of these unprecedented times, where we all are experiencing a high level of discontinuity, uncertainty and pressure – influenced by emotional stress, often due to worries. Our psychological wellbeing is seen to be crumbling as stress, pressure and mental health issues are increasing – also in the corporate sphere amongst senior executives. Hence, it is crucial for those in executive roles to develop what can be described as leader resilience in order to cope with the current climate.


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