The Future of Entrepreneurship Looks Exciting

Aug 03, 2020

The Future of Entrepreneurship Looks Exciting
By Jurek Sikorski
Executive Director for the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

A question on the minds of many including those in government is ‘What will be the new normal post COVID-19?’ The truth is we don’t exactly know.

A recent survey showed that less than 10% of people do not want to go back to how it was before COVID, when division ruled. People want change. For the entrepreneur change means opportunities. The more change the more opportunities. Finding and exploiting opportunities brought about by change where others see chaos, confusion and contradiction is the hallmark of an entrepreneur.

During COVID we have seen communities and families come together and division disappear, pollution fall, and people’s attitudes and behaviour change towards valuing what is important in life that is health and welfare, education and a thriving economy.

The one thing that is clear is that we shall have to rebuild the economy and for that we shall need entrepreneurs and the guiding light of entrepreneurship which means the future for entrepreneurship looks exciting.

There are five reasons to believe the future of entrepreneurship is exciting.



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