Five Common Team Challenges

Apr 21, 2020

Five Common Team Challenges

Dramatic Change provides a unique opportunity for teams to explore their team challenges in a safe environment. Here is a summary of five common challenges and our approach to overcoming them:

  1. Building or re-building trust: Without Trust, teams can’t work collaboratively and will never maximise their results. It’s the same in drama. Trust exercises are used to ensure that the “players”, whatever the size of their part, support each other eg. improvising when “lines” are missed, covering for others who might be late with their entry etc. All resulting in an excellent performance.


  1. Resolving conflict and tension: Every team has its issues, which if not resolved can lead to “in-fighting” and sometimes “turf wars”. And the world of drama is no different, so we generally focus on three kinds of exercises designed for “sensing” what is going  on; “feeling” what others are feeling in order to find an emotional response and “connecting” by moving through various situations as a team.


  1. Lack of creativity, spontaneity and innovation: Many teams that have worked together for a long time, struggle with this and place unnecessary limits on their performance. All teams have within them vast amounts of each, and we use a range of drama exercises to remove the inhibitors.


  1. Effective leadership of Organisational Change: We all know that this needs much more than Top Down communication and processes. Dramatic Change exercises, allow us to gain deep understanding of the role of line managers as Change Agents – with the capability to engage and energise their teams.


  1. Speed of decision-making: Business need teams with excellent analytical skills that enable them to make good decisions. However, in these days of rapid change, speed is also a major consideration and sometimes 80% right is good enough. Here Dramatic Change fast-thinking exercises linking movement; sound; action and response, reveal new and unexpected results!

Read more about Dramatic Change and the alumni-driven story of its creation here.

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