Ten ways to KEEP your motivation in 2020

Feb 12, 2020

Ten ways to KEEP your motivation in 2020

By Mark Swain
Director of Partnerships, Henley Business School

OK so I've always been someone who'll jump out of bed early, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm for all that's ahead. But my resolution for 2020 about keeping that fire in my belly, whatever and regardless. And, as we enter February (and gleefully await the lighter nights) I’m still completely pumped up. But why?

It's because I broke that resolution down, into the mindset, process and content I need to make it happen. I'm sharing that “breakdown” today, because it may just work for you, long after the resolutions have faded away. So, here's what I did, in the form of ten ways and tips you can use to inspire your own version of super-motivated.

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